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Hall of Fame

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Name (Last, First)PositionYear
Alford, Cecil Male Player2013
Arndt, Don Male Player1987
Bartel, Richard Male Player1985
Bassett, Hank Sponsor Manufacturer2006
Beckwell, Charles Umpire2010
Beeler, Darrell Male Player2004
Beggs, Dal Male Player2011
Bell, Woody Sponsor Manufacturer2005
Blackburn, Greg Sponsor2010
Blaha, Lou Special2011
Boudreaux, Robert Executive2002
Brockwell, Rick Special2012
Brown, Danny Executive2001
Brown, Doug Male Player1996
Bruschett, Larry Special2012
Bumgardner, Rusty Male Player2006
Burrell, Mildred Director1997
Bushong, Jr., Elby Male Player1982
Calvisi, Lou Manager2008
Campbell, Allen Manager1994
Carmen, Cal Male Player1984
Carter, Corky Umpire2011
Carter, Larry Male Player2013
Cellura, Michael Male Player1988
Ciaccia, Alfred Executive1986
Ciaccia, Frank Executive1981
Ciandella, Craig Director2010
Clatterbough, Don Male Player 2009
Clements, Anna Female Player2006
Cocco, Tim Male Player2013
Cole, Allison Female Player1996
Cooper, Don Sponsor Manufacturer2011
Crechiolo Papiersky, Mary Female Player2012
Criscione, Jay Special2009
Darby, Jim Sponsor Manufacturer2005
Davidson, Dale Umpire1998
Davis, Dottie Female Player1985
Davis, Dottie Female Player1985
Davis, Jim Umpire1982
Deaner, Cleon Executive2010
DeDonatis, Don Executive Director/CEO1999
Demarini, Ray Sponsor Manufacturer2001
Deters, Jan Female Player1988
Deters, Janet Female Player1988
Drewicz, Chuck Manager2010
Drewicz, Richard Carl Umpire1980
Eichelberger, Glenn Male Player1983
Elliott, Craig Male Player2011
Ellis, Gerald Executive1982
Evaul, David Executive2011